Ignition Training

Ignition is a new and radical kind of personal change.  It empowers and stabilises your personality.

It works by empowering the unique flavour of who you are.  

You can book an intensive, 6 session training course where you cultivate direct command of the colour and tone of your personality. 

  • You spark strong relationships and deepen existing ones.
  • You root your sense of self in the richness of your personality, rendering insecurity obsolete.
  • Your wellbeing detaches from the expectations of society, so you can live the life you want.

Ignition Personal Training is tailored to fit each client individually.

Each week your progress is reassessed and adjusted to maximise impact.  Hidden assumptions that constrain your vision are exposed and obliterated.  You get powerful, custom made techniques to slice through obstacles, accelerating your rate of change.  You ignite a powerful and permanent shift into rich connection and emotional strength.

The course is 6 sessions long, each spaced one week apart.

It costs £100 a session, for a total cost of £600.  That’s in British pounds.

To book Ignition Personal Training, email thisisciaran@gmail.com

Here are some reviews of Ignition Personal Training:

“At first I was skeptical – Ciaran’s ideas seemed so strange and unconventional that I couldn’t understand how they could help with real problems, such as anxiety and insecurity. However, after only the first session, I was blown away at how much sense his approach made and how easy it was to put into practice. About halfway through the course I began noticing a drastic shift in my emotional stability, my mental clarity, and, most strikingly, my ability to connect with people on a deep level. Ciaran brought a massive amount of insight and passion to each session, all aimed towards helping me with my specific problems. These were the most groundbreaking six weeks of my life.”  Nick, USA

“Prior to Ciaran’s 6-week course I found myself in the grip of an anxiety that made it difficult to make connections with people. After two weeks of working with Ciaran my anxiety levels plummeted and I became able to approach situations I previously found unapproachable. From this point on, and with Ciaran’s guidance, I became able to build deep and powerful connections with people rapidly. As the weeks go by, this became easier, more applicable and ever more potent. In just 6 weeks I have gone from trapped in a socially disconnected pit of despair, to doing remarkable things with some truly incredible people. Ciaran’s work enables a new way of living and being. It is as effortless and impactful as his ability to get it across.”
Geoff, Spain