Who is Ciaran?

Ciaran Healy is a philosopher.  In 2014 he was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Society of Arts. 

He has pioneered a new understanding of human nature.  It is a perspective which includes breakthroughs from neuroscience, evolutionary theory and philosophical elements from the Western and Eastern traditions.  It opens an unprecedented level of access to the core mechanics of human nature. 

People can use this access to trigger permanent change in their lives in a process called Ignition.

Here are some ways in which Ciaran Healy’s work has been described.

“Original and brilliant.” – Iain McGilchrist MD, neuroscientist and award-winning author of The Master And His Emissary.

“Deeply insightful.” Rupert Read PhD, Reader in Philosophy at UEA, and author of Philosophy For Life: Applying Philosophy In Politics And Culture. 

 “So fresh, so original, so intelligent. It is like water in a drought.” Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur and bestselling author of Blessed Unrest.