What Is Ignition?

Ignition is a radical form of personal change based on new ideas about human evolution.

We have inherited an ancient way of being human from our tribal ancestors.  Our tribal heritage means we define ourselves by the concepts we believe, the divisions we fight over and the people we hate.

In our chaotic world the stability of this ‘belief-based’ kind of humanity is shattered.  From this instability springs a vast array of self-destructive behaviour.

It can seem that human beings are inherently broken, but we are not.  We are merely out of our natural habitat, and must adapt to a new one.

Ignition is this adaptation.  It uses a series of targeted exercises to re-route the power source of the human self.  Instead of resting on belief, you spark a new way of being that draws its power from the colour, quality and tone of who you are.

The results are a dramatic drop in insecurity of all kinds.   Your confidence is boosted and you become resilient to negative emotional spirals.  Your capacity to spark connection with other people is amplified well beyond normal.  You are more able to comprehend things outside of your belief system.  All these effects are permanent.

There are several resources here to give you what you need to trigger Ignition in yourself.

The best free resources are the weekly Ignition Casefiles, and the audio recording Ignition: The Whispered Question.  You can get them at this link.

The best paid resource is Ignition Personal Training.  You can find out more about training at this link.